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  • Mon 16th Apr 2018 - 2:01pm

    In the history of mankind, a large penis has been Member XXL Review renowned, worshiped, and respected. Is it no wonder that men and women are obsessed with a large penis? Its importance and reverence has been around since the beginning of mankind.If you go back in history and look at statues, art, ceremonial objects, mosaics, everyday objects, building architecture, and even sand paintings, there is one thing that you will notice, if the object contains nude men, then its likely that the male figure is going to stand out for one main reason. And in most cases, the man or man-like creature will stand out because he has a large penis. Actually, a very large penis in most examples. A lot of this "art" is considered "erotic" art today, but at the time of its creation, it was not erotic, but commonplace. Most ancient cultures didn't have the hang-ups about sexuality that we have today.

    Just look at some of the men in Greek mosaics and bowls. The South American and Central American cultures were also very keen on big penises being portrayed on their men. Look at early Japanese erotic art. Look at the Tantric architecture in India. Even the Native American fertility deity, Kokopeli, usually is portrayed with a very large penis.In some cases the penises aren't just large, but they're almost grotesquely large. Of course many of these deities, man-like creatures, mythological characters, and the like, were an important part of fertility realization and ceremonies. Since the dawn of mankind, Man has typically associated a larger penis with a stronger, more fertile, and more powerful man. It was an important part of the culture of mankind and they realized its importance. Figurines of large-penised men were worshiped believing that this would increase the fertility for the men and women in the culture.

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