Topic Heel Pain and Its Treatment

  • Fri 12th Jan 2018 - 11:13am

    After graduating from a four year undergraduate university, podiatrists Mycozil go to school just as long as a medical doctor (MD), or doctor of osteopathy (DO). In fact, much of the first two years of podiatry school academic study are identical to those degrees. The difference begins in the third year, where podiatry students begin to develop experience in foot and ankle medicine.

    While podiatry students serve in many of the same hospital departments learning general medicine during the third and fourth year as MD and DO students, more of that time is spent in the field where they have already decided on specializing, as opposed to MD and DO students who are undecided on a specialty.

    Upon graduating, new podiatrists become hospital-based resident physicians for two to three years, learning advanced medical and surgical techniques, and usually are tasked with the same responsibilities as MD and DO interns and residents in those institutions. Only after that do podiatrists enter practice.

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