Topic Are You Planning to Drive Yourself Crazy?

  • Thu 11th Jan 2018 - 9:55am

    This is the unknown quantity at the minute for us. The website has been Profit With Michael built to a very high 'SEO friendly' status and we are ranking well. The question is do we commit funds into monthly SEO activity. From what we can gather this is manipulation of keywords, coding etc in order to respond to the competition and keep Google interested. The problem is you will be quoted a shed load of money with not one guarantee that it will get you onto page of Google. It has to be your call based on your budgets, the market you are in and whether you feel you will rank naturally highly anyway. Shop around, ask for quotes, but if someone guarantees that they will get you onto page 1 make sure you get it in writing as a contract!

    Tip 5 - Outbound activity

    Don't just rely of people finding you. Get yourself out there by means of eshots, article submission and news stories. The eshots do not need to be award winning design pieces, we use an eshot manager that costs us £50 per month, allows us to build trackable eshots using images and texts, is completely compatible with data protection laws and is easy to use. Invest in a targeted email database but measure the bounces and build an acceptable bounce rate into the contract (10% or less I'd suggest). And article writing is not as daunting as it seems, I mean, your reading this!

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