Topic Getting Acquainted With Handicap Horse Betting Systems

  • Tue 9th Jan 2018 - 9:37am

    What is the best kind of horse race to handicap and Target Tipsters Review bet? That is a question that many horse players ask themselves when they find that they are losing and want to stop buying those losing tickets and start buying winners. The problem is that all horse races and all tracks are not created equally.

    Some well meaning pundits have steered punters toward claiming races stating that they are the best because each horse is entered according to its fair value. In an allowance race for young horses you may see future stakes champions racing against horses that will soon be descending the claiming ladder. There may be a wider spread in the odds in an allowance race and standout horses rarely pay well.

    On the other hand, maiden races, especially the high end maiden special weight events, may also have a wide range of ability dispersed among the runners. Once again, there may be a future triple crown champion racing against others that will never win a single race. While it may be easy to spot the stand outs in these events, it is very difficult to get good odds on them and therefore, hard to make a profit with them.

    The one thing we haven't discussed yet that probably is the most important factor in finding races that you can make money on is you. What is your strength and what is your weakness? Are you good at spotting trainer angles that pay? Do you have the ability to look at horses in the post parade and spot winners?


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