TopicTummy Fat After Baby

  • Mon 8th Jan 2018 - 10:10am

    It's human nature to be leery of change. We want to Nutrition Hacks Greens Reviewreach a goal but it is so hard to prepare for it mentally. A lot of people feel like they are going to change if they reach that goal. Some feel like they will lose close relationships because they have many relationships based off of food. For example I had a lady who would meet her friend twice a week at a donut place to chat, eat donuts, and drink coffee. They had been friends for years so she was afraid her friend would be upset if they no longer meet at their favorite little spot. She changed the based on food relationship and found something they both enjoyed doing not based on food. They both went on to lose weight and love it.

    Barrier 2: Family - Sometimes families can affect our weight loss goals without even realizing it. Our family hears we are changing the way we eat and our habits. They enjoy spending time with you, so sometimes they sabotage our progress unknowingly. Some people have families that eat together all the time. When they get together with their families there are a lot of high calorie foods around, such as rich deserts. You have to remember change is uncomfortable for everyone even the person not directly involved in the change. Some families will push and tell you not to deprive yourself, and it is hard not to give in when someone continues to push. Some have found it is just easier for them not to announce their intentions, while others simply tell their families what kind of support they need and explain how they need the support.


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