TopicAging Effects of a Bad Diet

  • Mon 8th Jan 2018 - 5:15am

    Paleo diet information rule number two: lower the intakeWM Nutrition Reviews of carbohydrates. By this, avoid foods that can raise blood glucose levels. Examples include refined white bread, pasta, wheat and cereals. Also, eschew vegetables containing a high amount of starch such as potatoes and beans. These foods only came into existence during the agricultural age and have been designed for feeding large numbers of people at a time. However, they contained a low nutritional content while raising blood glucose levels. This can explain why there are so many people today who have diabetes: because they neglect their fruits and vegetables, and instead indulge in high-sugar foods.

    Next, eat a high amount of GOOD fats, especially those containing Omega-3 fatty acids. These good fats can be found in meat that comes from organic and free-range animals. They are also found in the meat of fish, which are grown naturally without the use of artificial feeds. Avoid processed meat that comes from domesticated or farmed animals. If there are no naturally grown animals in your area, then you can opt for only the freshest and leanest cuts of meat at the supermarket.


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