Topic How to Handicap a Horse Racing Program by Answering Three Questions

  • Sat 6th Jan 2018 - 10:45am

    It has often been said the most important The Daily Lay piece of equipment any horse carries is the jockey. While great jockeys don't win races alone, they still need a horse, a bad jockey can cost a horse the win. One of the mistakes a poor jockey can make is in rating the horse too fast or slow during the race. Others might swing wide on the turn and give up valuable ground when a rail trip would have worked.

    Therefore, it is important to give a little extra attention to horses with competent riders and to question the chances of those runners whose pilots are prone to lose too often. The most important information that you'll have to dig for is the history of horse and rider together. Some riders just connect better with certain horses and they have a winning partnership.


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