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  • Sat 6th Jan 2018 - 6:50am

    Though hyperhidrosis can affect different parts of the body it can certainly Meridian Health Protocol also affect your hands and also the feet, face and underarms. Palmar hyperhidrosis can cause acute embarrassment and it compromises your ability to perform daily functions. This is why the condition needs to be treated at the earliest. The consequences of not curing the condition can lead to social stigma and of course it will adversely affect a person's self esteem as well.

    The best guide that shows you how to cure palm hyperhidrosis is one that suggests using natural cures. What's more these cures can be made from products that are normally easily obtainable in a home and which can be applied in the morning and also at night. Changing diet can prove to be an effective natural cure and if you avoid certain kinds of foods you can reduce the risk of suffering from hand hyperhidrosis.

    The good news is that you can cure palmar hyperhidrosis without needing to undergo surgery. For example, you can cure palmar hyperhidrosis with the help of iontophoresis that can do the job in just five days.

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