TopicAqueduct Race Track Switches to Inner Track - What It Means

  • Sat 6th Jan 2018 - 6:14am

    For pleasure riders, horseback riding can be a delightful, andThe Daily Lay Review in some instances, profitable hobby - but a strong relationship with your animal is essential to make sure it stays fun. Choosing the right horse can be a bit of a challenge, with so many considerations, including size, temperament, and activity level How do you know if a horse is the right fit for you?How Tall Should Your Horse Be?First and foremost, you need to consider the size of your mount. From ponies to draft horses, and everything in between, it's possible find a horse to fit the shortest and one for the tallest person alive.When picking the right sized animal, you must first have a basic understanding of horse measurements. A horse is measured in "hands", from the ground to its withers, the point between its shoulder blades. A hand is about four inches. The typical riding horse stands at around 56-64 inches at the shoulders, or 14-16 hands. A pony is generally under 14.2 hands while a draft horse is typically above 16 hands, and can carry more weight than most saddle breeds.

    Typically, a rider who is around five feet will want to look into a pony or horse that is under 15 hands, whereas a rider that is six feet will want a horse over 16 hands. The best way to gauge whether the horse is right for you, though, is to actually get on a horse. If you sit on a saddle, your feet should be no lower than the horse's belly without using stirrups and it should feel like a comfortable fit. If your feet dangle any lower - you'll likely need a taller animal.


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