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  • Tue 28th Aug 2018 - 11:59am

    Insufficient numbers of CNAs is one of the biggest problems in our EnergyFirst Review current health care field. One of the biggest reasons that people don't become CNAs and that CNAs tend to have a really high turnover rate is the fact that most don't feel like they are paid enough for the difficult and demanding work that they have to do every day.

    A certified nursing assistant works directly with nurses and doctors to perform a number of basic services for medical patients. A CNA can work in a hospital, in a nursing home, or any other medical environment devoted to patient care. They work under other medical personal to perform tasks like keeping patients fed and clean, making sure equipment is in proper working order, making sure vital signs are routinely checked, and making sure that patients are feeling the best level of well being that they possibly can given their circumstances. They are front line workers who engage deeply and regularly with the patients under their care.

    Becoming a CNA before becoming an RN is a great idea that provides a lot of benefits. It helps you understand patients better, which makes you better at treating them. It makes you understand CNAs better, which helps you direct them better and relate with them better. There are a lot of RN's who started out as CNAs who consider it a great way to start out in the medical field.

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