TopicThe Benefits of Google AdSense

  • Tue 28th Aug 2018 - 10:46am

    Picking a low converting product. Here you have chosen a Super Affiliate System Review product that not very many people are buying. One thing you need to look at is the sales page and graphs of the website. If you read the salespage and is does not make you want to buy then you have one good reason not to choose this product. Move on.Selling a misleading product that does not do what it states. This is a big one. If you have a list of people that you promote products to and you send them a product that does not do what it say then you will lose a lot of people from your list. One smart thing to do is to buy the product yourself and check it out and if it is bad give it back so your prospects will not have to.

    Choosing a product that has low commissions. It does not make sense to promote a product and you make small change in return. Make sure that you get at least 50 percent of the sale and a minimum of $20 dollars per sale.You do not collect leads from your promotions. You should always look to collect the name and email address of the people who look at the product that you are promoting. Don't let the owner of the product be the only one to get these people on their list and not yours. You want to be able to send out additional promotions for the product and others that you may choose to promote.

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