Topic Chakras and Health: What You Should Know

  • Mon 27th Aug 2018 - 10:35am

    Once you recognize that the fear or despair begin within you, you can take ownership of it and do the The Brain Stimulator Method hard work of working with fear. For while there may be issues in your marriage or work that need your attention, living in the fear-mind or negative-mind won't help you address the issues. Like digging your car out from beneath an avalanche of snow, fear-work requires you to remove the heavy piles, chip through the ice, and connect back into your core place of love, faith, and hope. It's harder to do in winter, but that's part of what makes this time of year potentially rich and growth-producing.

    The gift of transitions is that they illuminate our core issues and provide an opportunity to heal them at a deeper level. In the pared-down and vulnerable state that defines the transitional state, the core issue - whether it be a propensity toward fear, worry, negativity, perfectionism or self-doubt - rises to the surface of your psyche like silt on the surface of a creek. Then you have the choice: you can ignore the difficult feelings or you can sift through the silt with your metal pan of consciousness and, with enough time and attention, you might find flecks of gold there. The trap is to think that "if only my partner were different or the state of the world were transformed then I wouldn't feel ______." The truth is that the unwanted feeling lives inside you. Winter is merely a reflection, a time when the feeling is crystallized and you're presented with a potent opportunity to learn to respond differently.







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