Topic Remedy ADHD - Children's ADHD Test

  • Mon 27th Aug 2018 - 7:31am

    The Feingold diet is very restrictive and only allows  Memory Repair Protocol the child to eat:-

    - Any vegetable except corn and soy foods
    - Fruits and fruit juices (excluding oranges and grapefruit)
    - Rice and Oats
    - Beans

    When doing any kind of elimination diet with your child, make sure your health practitioner or Doctor is aware, as severe allergies can be life threatening; for example peanuts.

    For most children suffering with ADHD or ADD the introduction of a nutritional diet supports better brain function. ADHD and diets has been proven to be very effective in treating this disorder. The old motto " you are what you eat" is certainly true and we do function based upon what we eat, so a child will be more efficient if he or she has a balanced healthy food plan.






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