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  • Thu 23rd Aug 2018 - 9:54am

    So, what do we do? Give up? Never! As in all Maximum Slim Review matters, we have the positives and we have the negatives. On the positive side, doctors tell us that losing our belly fat is not hard at all. As a matter of fact, it is supposed to be the first kind of fat we lose when we apply ourselves.

    On the negative side, we have several factors; One of the main ones, middle age, another, motherhood, both of which do a fantastic job on our hormones. We look at ourselves and get upset when the mirror doesn't exactly reflect what we would like to see.

    We should not compound the situation by eating the wrong things and or the wrong amounts because of it, yet we know that as we grow older, our ability to lose the weight we so easily gain becomes harder and harder, another reason being that our metabolism slows down or we are hypo-thyroid. At this point, consult your physician or an Endocrinologist.



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