Topic The Heart of Success

  • Mon 20th Aug 2018 - 11:53am

    But do you understand yourself and your own motivations The Wealth Compass Review well enough? Or, have you limited your chances of success because you've never spent any significant time looking at your inner driving forces? Where does your self motivation come from?

    All of us (at least occasionally) have to do something that really doesn't appeal to us, yet we know it has to be done. Someone who knows themselves well can create a mental picture of what the end result will mean to them. This allows them to see past the immediate unpleasantness of the task at hand (getting up early to exercise, or devoting an extra hour's preparation to polishing up a presentation) and look forward to reaping the rewards of the effort they need to put in.

    Are you among the great majority of people who just don't understand themselves all that well? These are people who might be doing reasonably well in a career but lack the "push" to reach the top of that profession. People who find it hard to get fired up about just about anything. Even things that could significantly improve their personal situation. Often, they are simply too busy with their work or looking after their kids or their aging parents. And they haven't taken time out to assess their own situation. They can't see where they are unconsciously heading. It's probably not where they would want to go, if they actually spent any time thinking about it.

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