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  • Mon 20th Aug 2018 - 7:46am

    CT stands for "Computed tomography." A computer is used EnergyFirst Review to compile a three-dimensional projection based on a set of two-dimensional X-ray images. The X-rays are taken in quick succession around a single axis of rotation. They are high-contrast, meaning that slight differences in tissue are easily observable. They also have no issues with troublesome superimposition.

    Instead of using light to image an object, ultrasounds measure the reflection of sound to produce images. Typically, this is used to look "beneath" a medium to view the underlying structure. Using the same technology that helps a bat hunt, doctors can use ultrasounds to observe an infant in utero.

    Electrocardiography (or EKG) is not quite the same as the other three types, as it instead produces a projection of electrical activity of the heart. This allows doctors to monitor stress on the heart, specifically if a patient is at risk of having a cardiac episode or going into shock.

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