TopicHow to See Your Aura - Practice Viewing Your Own Aura

  • Sat 18th Aug 2018 - 11:26am

    Active thinking requires positive thought reframing. By focusing on the positive, you shift your minds attention, to The Brain Stimulator Method see things from another perspective. This sends a different energy and message to your subconscious. The new message is picked up and creates a new awareness, that when acted on, will attract those kinds of situations to you.

    You are now looking for them to happen. It is much like a self-fulfilling prophesy. You expect to fail and it shows in your attitude and actions. This does not evoke a feeling of confidence from you and others will sense it too. This "projection effect" helps to bring the action into reality.

    When you focus on success and achieving your goals, other people will begin to see the potential in you too. They are now looking for it, expecting it. You will begin to attract positive situations into your life.

    Negative thoughts equal a negative reality. Allow yourself to be encouraging and positive to those you meet. Doing this gets your mind going in a positive direction, thus attracting more positive situations.




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