TopicAuto Forex Trading and Your Automated Robot - How Much Control You Have For Hands-Free Forex Trades

  • Tue 14th Nov 2017 - 9:20am

    Money management is much more than just placing a stop - you need to GPS Trader 2017 Review learn how to do it in terms of, market volatility and also how to trail stops correctly and most traders simply don't do this and lose.The Forex robot industry is huge on line and naive traders continually think they are going to spend a couple of hundred of dollars and get rich with no effort common sense though tells you this message can't be true and it isn't all these systems lose money.

    If you think about it 95% of all Forex traders lose money, so its obvious you need to make some effort and if any of these systems did work, the whole world would be trading and not bothering to work.These systems lose money and despite there grand claims not one of them can produce an independent track record of gains. So what do you get?

    Just back tested simulations on paper knowing the closing prices but that is so easy a child could do it and make money, Not knowing what the price is, makes Forex trading the challenge it is. There are some robots that put out figures they say are true and in real time - but you have to take their word for it! So no outside check and you have to rely on the person selling you the system for the track record and personally, I would like an independent audit.

    The track records they produce would make Warren Buffet and all the world's top traders look average but have any of the big investment houses, sacked there multi million pound dealing teams in favor of a cheap bit of software? Of course they haven't because anyone can see they will not work in real time and an equity wipe out will occur.

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