TopicLose Weight - Fast, Easy, and Simple

  • Mon 13th Nov 2017 - 9:03am

    Don't give too much power to fad diets and GRS Ultra miracle weight loss programs. Sure, many of these have plenty of merit, it's just that most are temporary fixes, and unless you address the underlying problems, the resulting weight loss will be brief. For most of us, a high-intensity work out program or austere diet is too difficult and stressful to sustain for long periods of time. So let's instead focus on establishing some simple eating habits, which involves eating MORE often than you already do.

    Let's add to breakfast, lunch and dinner, a couple of planned snacks during the course of the day. The five-meal a day plan will work wonders over the long haul. And who among us would scoff at eating more often when it can produce positive results in the weight loss department? Just eat the same amount of food, but spread it out over five meals. Take a look at some of the benefits of this approach and why our bodies respond so favorably when we put this eating schedule into practice.Especially when you take into consideration the pace and organization of modern life, there are several things at work within our bodies and minds when we continue on the 3-meal day path. The rate at which our body burns fuel, our metabolism, has very much to do with whether or not it perceives that it needs food. If you eat a large meal and then wait for an extended amount of time to eat again, your body initially will burn off a chunk of what you ingested, and then later begin to slow its burn rate as time passes. The body will automatically slow down its metabolic rate if it thinks it is preparing for an extended period of time without food. If you want to keep this metabolic rate up, simply eat the same amount of food that you had been eating in the three meal plan, but spread it out over five meals instead. The end result will be a higher sustained rate of metabolism, which will ultimately help you in your weight loss efforts.

    Another benefit of the five meal plan has to do with better food choices that are inherent within this type of eating schedule. As is the case with most of us, we tend to get hungry between meals when we are accustomed to a breakfast, lunch, dinner schedule. Due to the fact that we are not accustomed to spreading out our consumption, when we do reach for that snack, it is often of the unhealthy or less than healthy variety. With the 5-meal a day plan, the bad snack choices are eliminated or minimized. All five of the meals are planned, thus we are less apt to reach for the bag of chips to fill the void.


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