Topic Positive Mindset - A Necessity For All Around Success

  • Fri 22nd Jun 2018 - 12:41pm

    One answer is right in front of your nose - literally. It is how you see your Subliminal360  world - your reality in any given moment on a day to day basis. Yes, you can "overlay" your intended and affirmed vision, but you must somewhat visually perceive reality or else you will walk into real walls, stumble risk physical injury.

    For many people the world around them seems to whisper or proclaim unwanted or unrecognized "truths" about who they are, what they have and what they can do, plus what their society or world is like. After beginning the day with prayer, affirmations, meditation, etc., the sights of the day: dishes left in the sink, messy desks, ever higher prices for basic wants and needs, standards of impossibly beautiful people featured on advertising, being stuck in traffic or public transportation, seeing unhappy or angry faces wherever one goes in public, etc, can bring one down.

    Yet there is a secret way to see the world that has been known and appreciated by scientists (Newton, Einstein), artists (Da Vinci, van Gogh), and spiritual leaders (most all) - the people and kind of people mentioned in The Secret, but usually also known as Judeo-Christian leaders. It is simple to understand, easy to do, but take practice. Learn to see the world in a new way: as energy.



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