Topic Using Non-Verbal Communication to Talk With Your ADHD Child

  • Wed 13th Jun 2018 - 11:50am

    When I was a child mental illness carried a terrible stigma Optimind Review with it. It was whispered about in conversations of older people and was made fun of by most. Folks did not understand it, and made it sound spooky and made one hope they never became mentally ill. The mental institutions were referred to as nut houses, and people who had to go there were entirely misunderstood. If they got to come out of the institution they had a label for life and were talked about with great apprehension.

    I am glad those days are almost behind us! Almost, because in a few circles the prejudice against the mentally ill still exists.

    With improvement of medications, and education about mental illness, most of the stigma has been dissolved.

    Stress in today's world has broadened the community of mental illness. Almost everyone you meet takes some form of stress medication. Medications for stress and mental illnesses have improved greatly and thankfully so.

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