TopicInternal Motivation VS External Motivation - The "Secret" To Monumental Success

  • Wed 13th Jun 2018 - 11:26am

    Do you remember when you were a child and you Subliminal360 could spend endless hours fantasizing and pretending to be other people? Our dolls and figurines would come alive, and that blanket tied around our neck gave us the powers of a super-hero. Somewhere along the way we may have become convinced that fantasizing is silly, or we became too busy to indulge in such luxury. Now we realize the immense value of imagination and have to work to regain what was an inherent talent. As you have seen, imagination and inspiration can have important practical applications.

    As in the words of George Eliot: "...that delightful labor of the imagination which is not mere arbitrariness, but the exercise of disciplined power-combining and constructing with the clearest eye for probabilities and the fullest obedience to knowledge; and then, in yet more energetic alliance with impartial Nature, standing aloof to invent tests by which to try its own work."

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