TopicColds, Flu and Polio

  • Thu 17th May 2018 - 11:10am

    Whole foods grow from the earth and are not altered by  GRS Ultra Review  man before eaten. They contain all the necessary components & enzymes to help break down, absorb & assimilate the food into the body. Our bodies and whole foods speak the same language, DNA. Our bodies recognize, accept, and know how to break down and assimilate whole foods and so they are the best thing we can eat. When we eat these foods, our bodies do not have to use energy to get energy and therefore get more out of the food. Instead of eating to fill, eat to fulfill by getting as much nutrition as you can from each bite, so your body functions at a higher level. Healing, losing weight, regeneration, cleansing and mental clarity are all higher functions of the body. A few ways you can get the most out of your food is by eating concentrated, whole foods that are organic and eat lots of Chinese Herbs, which have the empirical knowledge of more than 5,000 years backing their use. Keep it simple, if you want vitality eat vitalized foods, if you want death, eat de-vitalized foods. The company that makes the most pure, concentrated, whole food Chinese Herbs is Sunrider International.

    A Sacred Space specializes in the personal growth of a yoga student through Yoga & Meditation. Yoga is not just physical, but mental & spiritual too. In a way, everyone is a yoga student as we are students of life. Our mats are mirrors to us about our true lives. What we learn about ourselves on the mat is true about our reality. We can create a more fulfilling reality by reflecting back a more fulfilling yoga practice. Beautiful life, beautiful practice & visa versa. Our teachers are dedicated to sharing the message of community & compassion. The studio is located in the warm & cozy art classroom of the San Clemente Art Supply store at 1531 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672. The charming building is an old Ole Hanson built in 1928 & the view from the classroom is of pretty purple vines & roses. We would love to have you come practice with us anytime.


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