Topic The Success Principle - The Top Principle That Will Change Your Life Forever

  • Thu 17th May 2018 - 6:37am

    But in the end, you have to determine where you act or not. I still purchase useless products in Subliminal360 my line of work, but sometimes I'll find gems of information or function in the worst of products, so I try not to get hung up on the bad purchase decisions. But if you are willing to dig, and dig deep, sometimes purchasing snake oil, you will eventually find success! This I can promise you. You have to think that you are a miner that is digging useless dirt out of a mine until you strike the valuable diamonds! So, can you find success from snake oil? In my opinion, yes!

    Do you have the tendency to ask, "Why me?" Is your pity pot overflowing these days? So often we focus on lamenting why "so and so" did "such and such" or why we're in such a quandary. It is easy to forget that the only person you can control is yourself.

    I'm just as guilty of this as you. I can remember spending countless amounts of time during a particularly difficult job search complaining about how I couldn't land the job I wanted. I had all the credentials but I was never first choice. Rejected yet again, I would grab some comforting Haagen Dazs, curl up in a wingback and lament, "Why me?"



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