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Sat 21st Mar 2015 - 1:05am General

Two days ago Ar1se posted a 14 second clip on YouTube that was showing a team fight in a scrim against Cloud 9. EternalEnvy expressed his discontent about this on Twitter after which Ar1se removed the video and apologised to EternalEnvy; alas not before some stern words were exchanged between the two.

In the meantime we spoke to C9's manager and apologised to the whole team. Ar1se also contacted the team personally to apologise again.

Shortly after, MinD_ContRoL tweeted that Ar1se would no longer play with us after he found out about the incident and the way it was handled by Ar1se. In the heat of the moment he did this without communicating with the other team members first.

The day after we sat down as a team and talked about it, everyone shared their thoughts and decided that we want to give Ar1se another chance under the condition that things will be handled professionally in the future.

Ar1se agreed to this. He is aware that he made a mistake by uploading the video and by not keeping his public communication calm in a matter that affects the whole team. We are confident, that everyone involved learnt their lesson and that we can focus on playing Dota from now on.




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