Starladder Season 12

Thu 12th Mar 2015 - 5:50pm Gaming

Starladder season 12 has begun, It will have a base prizepool of $80.000 with crowdfunding from the ticket.
The format has changed for season 12, all 16 teams are put in groups of 4 where all teams will play eachother once in a bo3.
The top 2 teams of each group will move into the 2nd groupstage where the top 2 from all groups will be in 2 groups will play bo3's, top 2 in each group qualifies for LAN.

We were placed in Group B with:
Team Empire
Goomba Gaming

Our game schedule:

Friday the 13th vs Team Empire

Saturday the 14th vs Na'Vi

Sunday the 15th vs Goomba Gaming

This weekend we also have the Hitbox championships so make sure to tune in to all our games and cheer for us!

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