Basically Unknown is a professional Dota 2 team which was founded in November 2014. The team has had its roster changes here and there since it was formed, has competed in tournaments and leagues such as Gigabyte challenge, Dotapit Qualifiers, Starseries S11. We've had recent success in leagues and tournaments and are striving to become one of the best teams in the scene. To achieve this we work hard and dedicate most of our time to improve together as a team on top of the support of our fans which keeps us motivated.


1st - Bridon league 300,000 RUB (~ $4700)
2nd - Eizo cup $569

Total winnings:
$5269 US Dollars


The current roster consists of:

Ivan MinD_ContRoL Ivanov
Nikolay Nikobaby Nikolov
Petur Pure EviL ! Petrov
Nikolay Stomanen1 Kalchev
Turtoi Ar1sE^- Ionut